Return Terms

Every customer of BMG Data has the right to return a purchased item from our online store within 14 days of the date of receipt of the product.

You may return products purchased by BMG Data in any way that is convenient to you at 1172 Sofia, 14 Nikola Gabrovski Str., Fl. 1 and by informing the seller via email or by phone for your intention to return the product, as well as information about the shipment (shipment number, courier and contact details).

In this case, the risk of losing or damaging the product during transportation is taken entirely by you.

It is advisable that the shipment contain a copy of the invoice so that it can be easier to process.

If you chose the return of the paid amount for the purchase and the product you returned is eligible to return, we will refund the amount by the method used by you to pay it to us. If you have paid by bank card, we will refund the corresponding amount to the same card. Alternatively, specify a bank account where we can refund the amount paid for the product (if you paid by bank transfer).

BMG Data undertakes to refund the paid amount to the buyer within 14 days after receipt of proof that the customer has returned the goods or refused a service. Refund does not result in additional costs for the customer, using a payment instrument used by the buyer in an initial transaction, unless the buyer wants to use another method of payment.

Products that are not subject to return

Software products that have an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) license or PKC license are non-refundable due to the manufacturer’s policy.

If you have questions about the way or the policy of returning a particular product you want to purchase, do not hesitate to ask us.

What conditions should the product meet?

The products purchased by BMG Data can be returned within 14 days of the date of receipt of the shipment, whether you are an individual or legal entity.

All returned products must be in the same condition as delivered. Products that have been repaired by an unauthorized person or are damaged by you, those with damaged or incomplete packaging, traces of wear or excessive use, scratches, traces of impact (eg, but not limited to, mechanical / electrical shocks). Also, products not accompanied by all the accessories you have been delivered to will not be accepted.

You must return the products in original packaging, accompanied by intact labels, original warranty, if issued by a manufacturer / distributor and all documents with which the product has been delivered.

If the product we ship is accompanied by a gift when you return the product, you must return the gift.

In case you have purchased more than one identical product and want to return two or more of them, only one of these products can be opened. The rest must be sealed. Otherwise, they will not be accepted.

For more information, visit our General Terms.

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