Dr.Web Anti-virus

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Basic protection for Dr.Web for Windows, an anti-virus for macOS and Linux, and comprehensive protection for Android.

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Basic protection for Dr.Web for Windows, an anti-virus for macOS and Linux, and comprehensive protection for Android.

Dr.Web will protect your digital WORLD

All malware is created to commit crimes. What’s important to hackers is doing harm, causing damage, and the criminal earnings that result from those activities. What threats does Dr.Web protect against?

Dr.Web Anti-virus Components

Protection against money theft

Against banking Trojans, keyloggers, and hacker attacks during online banking sessions

  • The Firewall will prevent hackers from penetrating your device when you’re checking your account and making payments via online banking services; it will also protect against data and information theft.
  • Preventive Protection will neutralise any banking Trojans and ransomware trying to launch on your device.
  • The SpIDer Guard file monitor will prevent keyloggers from being launched on your device and stealing your logins and passwords.
  • The Call and SMS filter in Dr.Web for Android will prevent the theft of bank SMS messages containing transaction response codes—this will prevent criminals from making transactions, instead of you.

Data and information protection

Prevents information from being deleted, damaged, encrypted or stolen.

Each of us values the fruits of our labours and our family photos and movies. But for hackers, such files are their key to getting rich.

SpIDer Guard will instantly neutralise any attempts made to damage your files or steal them from your device.

Protection against program vulnerabilities

Against exploits used by cybercriminals to penetrate systems via errors in popular applications

Vulnerabilities exist in every piece of software. This fact is well known to hackers, which is why they create exploits—special codes that exploit vulnerabilities to deliver malicious applications into a system or steal information. Cybercriminals most frequently exploit vulnerabilities in popular browsers, Adobe applications, and Office systems. Any software has loopholes. Zero-day vulnerabilities—those vulnerabilities not yet known to either software developers or even anti-viruses—are particularly dangerous.

  • Dr.Web Process Heuristic technology will analyse the behaviour of each running program in real time by comparing it with the reputation information stored in the Dr.Web cloud, which is constantly updated. It will determine whether a program is dangerous and then take whatever measures are necessary to neutralise the threat.
  • Dr.Web ShellGuard technology will detect when malicious code attempts to exploit a vulnerability and terminate the attacked process immediately, thus preventing the exploit from running.
  • The Dr.Web heuristic analyser will use its knowledge (heuristics) about certain properties typical of viruses to stop an exploit.

Dr.Web Anti-virus Security Components

Dr.Web protection components

Anti-virus, Preventive Protection (consists of the Behavioral Analysis, Ransomware Fighter, and Anti-exploit module), and Firewall.

System requirements

  • Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP* (32- and 64-bit systems)
  • Dr.Web Anti-virus for macOS: macOS 10.7 and later (32- and 64-bit systems)
  • Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux: Linux GNU/Linux with kernel version 2.6.37 and later (32- and 64-bit systems)
  • Dr.Web Security Space for Android: Android OS 4.4 and later, Android TV 5.0 and later, BlackBerry 10.3.2 and later.

System Requirements Dr.Web Anti-virus

Dr.Web Anti-virus protection components

  • For Windows: Anti-virus, Firewall, Preventive Protection, Dr.Web Cloud, and other components.
  • For macOS/Linux: Anti-virus and HTTP monitor.
  • For Android: Anti-virus, Call and SMS filter, URL Filter, Parental Control, Firewall, and Security Auditor.

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