Dr.Web Mail Security Suite (5-9)

A highly intelligent anti-virus and anti-spam protection system for large volumes of email traffic.

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Dr.Web Mail Security Suite – Mail Protection

Dr.Web Mail Security Suite means clean in-coming traffic from your partners and customers. Even if your domain gets hacked or your traffic gets intercepted by cybercriminals, they won’t be able to send you viruses and spam, for example, in the form of a response to an email.

If a company’s network gets infected, it is email that can become a source of viruses and a way for viruses to invade all the network nodes; this is because the malicious programs on an infected machine have access to the user’s address book which may contain both your colleagues’ addresses and your customers’ addresses.

Platforms: Unix, MS Exchange, IBM Lotus/Domino, Kerio

Licensing of Dr.Web Mail Security Suite

Dr.Web solutions use a single license for all mail servers. You do not have to change your license or make an additional purchase to transfer it to other mail servers, including when you switch operation systems!

License options:

  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-virus + Control Center
  • Anti-virus + SMTP proxy
  • Anti-virus + Control Center + SMTP proxy
  • Anti-virus + Anti-spam
  • Anti-virus + Anti-spam + Control Center
  • Anti-virus + Anti-spam + SMTP proxy
  • Anti-virus + Anti-spam + Control Center + SMTP proxy

The Control Center is provided free of charge.

Minimal order quantity: 5 pcs

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Subscription, Single user

License Period

12 months

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