SUSE News May 2019

Introducing SUSE Enterprise Storage 6

By: Mike DilioToday we are very pleased to announce SUSE Enterprise Storage 6, the latest release of the multi-award winning SUSE software-defined storage solution. What’s New with SUSE Enterprise Storage 6: SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 enables IT organizations to seamlessly adapt to changing business […]

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What is a Kubernetes Distribution, and Why Would You Want One?

By: Chris Lentricchia

Kubernetes (or K8s, if you want to be cool) is currently one of the fastest growing technologies in the world of open source. These days the technology in, and associated with, Kubernetes seems almost endless – and the innovation comes just as fast. Kubernetes was first introduced in 2014 as a brainchild of the citizens […]

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Demystifying Containers – Part I: Kernel Space

By: Sascha Grunert

This series of blog posts and corresponding talks aims to provide you with a pragmatic view on containers from a historic perspective. Together we will discover modern cloud architectures layer by layer, which means we will start at the Linux Kernel level and end up at writing our own secure cloud native applications. Simple examples […]

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SUSE Addresses Microarchitectural Data Sampling Vulnerabilities

By: Marcus Meissner

Researchers have identified new CPU side channel information leak attacks against various microarchitectural buffers used in Intel CPUs. These attacks allows local attackers to execute code to read out portions of recently read or written data by using speculative execution. Local attackers can be on the same OS or running code on the same thread […]

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SUSE Expert Days – Your kind of Open

By: Carrie Mcinelly

SUSE’s in-person live training series, “Expert Days,” is making its way to 80+ cities nationwide starting…now! Whether you’re a returning patron of this interactive training or you’re a first-timer, there’s no doubt it will be worth it. What is it? SUSE Expert Days are free, one-day training sessions, full of technical conversations and demos that […]

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Early Announcement: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 15 SP1

By: Michael Tabron

There’s been a “tradition” of a sort to deliver new features at General Availability (GA) of a new release and Service Packs 2 and 4 but focus on just maintenance updates for Service Packs 1 and 3. However, it seems that the SUSE engineers just can’t stop coming up with creative new capabilities for SUSE […]

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Introducing SUSE Start for SUSE CaaS Platform: The Right Platform for SAP Data Hub

By: Stacey Miller

Recently, I stayed in on the top floor of a hotel.  While the view was nice, the elevators were extremely slow.  Waiting for the elevator gave me a lot of time to think. And because I was at a software conference, I wondered if anyone was looking at the data that the elevators supplied to […]

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Enterprise Open Source Backed By SUSE Support

By: Stacey Miller

Open source is not only the way of the future, it is ingrained in enterprises today. And its usage is only growing. In fact, you might say it’s the fuel that feeds innovation. Is the support of the open source community enough for you to be confident? The answer is maybe. But first let’s look […]

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