Vulnerabilities in Log4j 2 threaten users

Dr.Web Vulnerabilities in Log4j 2 threaten users 19.01.2022 Dear Partners! Concerning the dangerous vulnerabilities in the
Log4j 2 logging library–CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046, CVE2021-4104,
and CVE-2021-42550–Doctor Web is drawing users’ attention to the need to
observe protective measures. The library is used for logging in Java
projects and is part of the Apache Logging Project. Vulnerabilities
allow attackers to execute arbitrary code on the system and cause a
Denial of Service or disclose confidential information. Even though
Apache has already released several patches, vulnerabilities may still
be a danger.
  The most critical vulnerability, Log4Shell (CVE-2021-44228), is based
on Log4j 2 log message generation. When the messages are generated in a
specific way, a call to a server controlled by the attackers occurs,
followed by execution of the code. Through these vulnerabilities, cybercriminals spread miners, which
are malware for mining cryptocurrencies. They can also spread backdoors
to gain remote access to a device and Trojan-DDoS that allow
fraudsters to make DDoS attacks. We record attacks using exploits for the vulnerabilities on one of
our honeypots–a special server used by Doctor Web specialists as bait
for fraudsters. The most active threat occurred between December
17th-20th, but attacks still continue.   Day Number of attacks December 10 7 December 11 20 December 12 25 December 13 15 December 14 32 December 15 21 December 16 24 December 17 47 December 18 51 December 19 33 December 20 32 December 21 14 December 22 35 December 23 36   The attacks are carried out from 72 different IP addresses. Talking
about the distribution by country, the largest number of attacks were
carried out from German IP addresses, with 21%. Russian IP addresses are
slightly behind with 19.4%. USA and Chinese IP addresses are ending the
top three with 9.7% for both countries.   #drweb   Some projects depend directly on Log4j 2, while others have one or
more implicit dependencies. One way or another, vulnerabilities affect
the performance of many projects worldwide. You need to closely watch
the release of software updates that use the Log4j 2 library and install
them as soon as possible. Moreover, don’t forget to update Dr.Web regularly. Our products
successfully detect the payload of malware that penetrates devices
through the Log4j 2 vulnerabilities.

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