Dr.Web Security Space

Defend what you create.

Maximum Dr.Web protection for Windows, Android, macOS and Linux.

Free protection for ANDROID.

Price: 66,00BGN (Price without TAX 55,00BGN)

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Dr.Web Security Space will protect your digital WORLD!

All malware is created to commit crimes.

What’s important to hackers is doing harm, causing damage, and the criminal earnings that result from those activities. What threats does Dr.Web Security Space protect against?

Dr.Web Security Space protection

Protection against money theft

Against banking Trojans, keyloggers, and hacker attacks during online banking sessions.

Protection against scammers

Against phishing and fraudulent sites and sites containing malware.

Protection against program vulnerabilities

Against exploits used by cybercriminals to penetrate systems via errors in popular applications.

Protection for data and information

Against deletion, corruption, theft, and encryption.

Protection against device hijacking and spying

Camera, microphone, and removable device control.

Protection for children against psychological and moral harm

Parental Control.

Dr.Web Security Space consists of a set of heuristic, behavioural, and preventive non-signature technologies that, when combined with the signatures in the virus databases, ensure your computer is protected from all types of threats.

Dr.Web security components

Dr.Web Security Space Security Components

System requirements

Dr.Web Security Space System Requirements

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